Review: Among Legends ‘Starting Over’

B. Norton

Rate: 9/10

Favourite Tracks: The Wall, Final Curtain Call

Among Legends dropped their EP ‘Starting Over’ and we were given a sneak peek to get the ball rolling. The four piece pop-punk band from Waterloo, ON is made up of Anthony Amorim (bass/vocals),Cameron Bechtloff (guitar/vocals), Mitchell Buchanan (vocals), and Sara Fellin (drums). A fresh take on pop-punk with the roots of Green Day and Blink-182 in crosshairs. Honestly, I can’t put into words how I feel about the new EP.

It’s got the all the ingredients for the perfect pop-punk songs including songs about love, leaving the hometown and rebellion. Wondering how Canadian a song can get? Punk Rock Hoser is the song for you. Short yet filled with Canadian classics, it’s perfect. The entire EP is full of catchy lyrics and punk filled songs, each song gives listeners a message. My opinion? Listen to the EP in full before you decide which songs you love the most.

Listen to the EP here and catch Among Legends in Brantford, ON on March 11 for The All Ager Rager 3.0 !!



Track List:C5XuoSaXUAQ9gey.jpg

  1. It Doesn’t Matter What We DO
  2. Final Curtain Call
  3. Reparations
  4. Punk Rock Hoser
  5. Half Past Nine
  6. Renegade
  7. The Wall

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