Single: A Fellow Ship’s ‘Stay The Night’

B. Norton

After being given an early taste of what is to come with A Fellow Ship’s upcoming EP, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP. The song Stay The Night is moving and introduces a diverse range of instruments.A very upbeat tempo for a lonely message that matches the tune of the song very well. It might not include all of the bands members but still shares the vibes of the last A Fellow Ship EP!

A message from the band:

Stay The Night was written, recorded and produced by A Fellow Ship frontman, Joe Dent. Inspired by a lonelier time and the hardship of living far from home, Stay The Night is a call for companionship. Although it doesn’t feature all members of A Fellow Ship, Stay The Night is the first step in a new direction that the band is taking. It was recorded for the final project of Seneca’s Independent Music Production program, and as a result of this features some of Toronto’s top session players. It is but a shadow of what’s to come, while providing a glimpse into what fans can expect in A Fellow Ship’s upcoming second EP.

Give the song a listen and let us know what you think! If you like what you hear, catch A Fellow Ship this Thursday, January 26th @ Horseshoe Tavern!

[ Bandcamp / Facebook ]


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