Concert: Jeff Rosenstock | D-Beatstro | 12.28.16

Photos & Review: B. Norton

Have you ever attended a show in a small vegan cafe filled too capacity (but probably over) that came together through a Twitter post? If you have, then I applaud you and if you haven’t, then I highly suggest you do!

Let me give you small backstory to Jeff Rosenstock’s PWYC last minute show at D-Beatstro on Wednesday night.

It started with this tweet.
This was followed quickly by replies stating “house show in Milton”, “drive two hours north and you can play at my house” and “COME PLAY OUR HOUSE IN SYRACUSE”. The all around answer to this tweet was that if a spot was found, the location needed to be shared.

For anyone who frequents local shows, the two venues brought up multiple times were Soybomb HQ and D-Beatstro. I personally took it upon myself to message both venues about the tweet and see if it could happen. Unfortunately, Soybomb was closed for the holidays but no worries because D-Beatstro jumped at the chance to host this amazing show! Through a Twitter, Facebook and Email this show was born and we couldn’t have been more excited! The show was quick to be shared around on social media usually getting responses like “HOW!?” and “WHAT?”. It then expanded to a bill of local acoustic acts to open up the night.


I arrived at the cafe around 6:15pm. Doors weren’t until 8pm said the Facebook event page but D-Beatstro has great food and the music playing over the PA system is always a good jam so I didn’t mind. I definitely wasn’t the only one early for the show either; most of the tables were already taken by other patron. It didn’t take long for the small venue to fill up; the first act, Montana Tyranno, didn’t start until 8:30pm yet there wasn’t much wiggle room by 7:30pm. By 8pm the venues staff were almost finished setting up but you know when they bring out the fans used during the summer heat, on a real cold day that it’s going to be HOT.


Being at the front, it was roomy yet crowded at the same time. The front row took the liberty of sitting down in order to let others see Montana sitting to play the first set of the evening. The indie-queercore artist played tracks off of both Tattoo Ideas and Tattoo Ideas: 2. It was interesting with a bedroom alternative vibe to it. The crowd definitely enjoyed the set and the more calm side of the rest of the room. It was sweet to have been in attendance for. (Always show up for the openers, you’ll never know what gems you may discover!! Montana Tyranno was definitely a good find) #noalldudebills2017


The time between Montana and the next set wasn’t too long but definitely needed! Letting audience members find a space to breathe and hopefully get a cup of water before enduimg_0288ring another set in the growing heat of D-Beatstro. For those that were at the front close the artist, if you needed fresh air, your best bet was the back alley behind the venue where I’m pretty sure the door was open for a lot of the night. Alright moving into the evening, the audience was blessed with a set from local band Spirit Desire. I had never gotten to witness this duo play a set however I was constantly hearing good things so their addition to the lineup was solid. The emo punk was loud and enjoyable, getting the crowd a little more pumped for what was coming soon. The band played songs off of their demo including ‘Going to Taco Bell’ and ‘I H8 My Job’. My personal favourite song was definitely ‘Guy Fieri’. Overall, a solid band and something to check out! (probably v good to listen to after procrastinating too much on assignments tbh).


TWO WORDS: JUNIOR BATTLES. Even better, an acoustic set. Something I didn’t think I would ever experience from this band. Although most of the crowd didn’t seem to know the words to their songs, the ones who did were up front ready to sing along. Starting with ‘Seventeen’, the audience started to draw towards the energy of both the band and other patrons. Band members: Aaron Zorgel and Sam Sutherland started the set with some jokes about having played acoustic sets before and then jumped right in. img_0295Playing songs off of Idle Ages and the self-titled 7″, the pop-punk acoustic duo was pleasing the crowd.
I’m surprised some sort of mosh pit didn’t form in the middle of the audience but then again, there was no room for any of that in this space. Being close enough to those around you that you could probably use them as support if needed, it was a tight squeeze. Having talked to Chris, one of the staff at the venue beforehand, he told me they probably wouldn’t start turning people away. Junior Battles songs are relatable and easy to catch onto once you’ve heard them a couple of times. I recommend catching a show with the full band to hear the songs from another angle but overall, I think the acoustic sets are amazing!


Now, I wonder if Jeff Rosenstock knew his tweet would grab such traction in the Twitter-sphere let alone enough for someone to go messaging local venues…probably not? It seemed the with every passing set, the stage space shrunk smaller and smaller. There was no moving from your spot in the crowd, no one wanted to lose a good place to stand. According to people who I talked to after the show, even just being in the room and not being able to see him was better than missing out on this ‘free’ (pay-what-you-can) show. A very stacked setlist including songs from WorryWe Cool? and I Look Like Shit. Then we were blessed with ‘Saddr Wierdr’ from his old band, Bomb The Music Industry! At some point, the floor was definitely moving, the crowd wild and singing along to the entire setlist. Jeff knows how to draw energy from the crowd and then give it back, making his sets more wild than most acoustic artists.



The event page blew up overnight, being shared multiple places in order to draw in a large crowd. It was definitely as crowded as a house show would have been, minus the alcohol. The crowd was a mix of locals, band members and people who had drove 2+ hours to attend the show. Rumors had it that members of PUP were there and honestly I wouldn’t be surprised. Is there any surprise there? At all? No? Okay, didn’t think so.


If you missed this show, no worries because Jeff has already reassured us the Twitter-sphere that he (along with a full band) will be back in 2017!!


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