Review: Gold Finch ‘Forlorn’

B. Norton

Gold Finch just released their new EP ‘Forlorn’ and I am in love. This is the bands second release of 2016. Moving forward from the smoother alt-rock sound of ‘I’ve Haunted Myself For Too Long’, the Kitchener-Waterloo band has adopted a 90’s alt-grunge punk vibe. The 5-track EP was produced by Sam Guaiana at Room 21 Sound. Original members: Omi Khatib (vocals), Spencer Thompson (drums), Conor McCartney (guitar), were joined by new members Lukas Foote (rhythm guitar) and Jonah Snooks (bass). New members and new sounds add a new dynamic to the bands music.

Track 1: Everything

A slow start, Everything, starts with a warm melody followed by Khatib’s voice. This song is more gentle. A sweet message. The slowest song on the EP, listeners are hooked by the contrast between this song and the next.

Track 2: How I’ve Been

The rest of the band comes in adding the alt-rock vibes immediately. Listening to the tracks in order, it’s hard to remember that the song has started. The band has written the EP as if each song effortlessly flows into the next. The lyrics are heavy and filled with thought. The lyrics: You know how I’ve been / and I’m not okay.

Track 3: Winter Sun

Winter Sun starts with the sound of the reverb from the last track, really showing listeners that the EP is linked together. The sound is heavier and so are the lyrics: I killed myself in front of you / I didn’t know / I could watch myself die. A repetition of sadness and denial.

Track 4: Sepulchre 

More of a spoken word. Although there are small sparks of instrumentation, the focus is the words and emotion in the voice of drummer, Spencer Thompson as he speaks. From the beginning plucking of the sombre guitar sounds, listeners know that this is not anymore up than the rest of the album. Thompson is then joined by guest vocalist, Drew Longrigg. Emotions include anger and despair more than anything.

Track 5: Rusted Gold 

The band breaks in immediately after the spoken word ends with heavier instrumentation. With the throaty vocals of Khatib during the first verse contrasted by the low /no love/ that followed, the song puts listeners on edge. The alt-grunge rock sound is back with heavier guitar and a stagnant beat from Thompson on drums.

You can check out the third track from the EP below and catch the last Gold Finch show of 2016: Friday night in Brampton, ON @ Spot One Grill.

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