Band Of The Week: Astronautalis

Written by: Raf Santos

For Fans Of: Sadistik, Eyedea, Doomtree

This weeks band of the week is a bit different because he isn’t a band he is a rapper. Today we’re featuring Jacksonville indie rapper, Astronautalis. I first heard of him on a Wil Wagner song and it just so happened that same day I would see an announcement  from Side One Dummy Records (home of Smith Street Band and Jeff Rosenstock) that they had signed Astronautalis and knew I had to check him out. His music is different from the typical hip hop fare, he is following the conventions of the genre, but telling his own stories that are vastly different from the likes of say Wu-Tang Clan, NWA or Action Bronson. His latest record, Cut The Body Lose was produced by Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and is for sure in my top 10 for 2016. He also frequently preforms freestyles based on topics given to him by the audience.

Anyway, do yourself a favour and check this guy out even if you’re not into rap music. Give these tracks below a listen:



3. *this video is very fun when high*




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