Concert Review: Romancer | Sneaky Dee’s | 09.23.16.

For Fans Of: Have Mercy, Brand New & Secret Stuff

Ever gone through the Bandcamp tags or deliberately tried to find new bands to listen to? Well, that’s how I originally came across Kitchener, Ontario’s Romancer. The four-piece poppunk band featuring Adam Horrocks (guitar/vocals), Riley O’Donnell (guitar/vocals), Ben Abu Halaga-Dilgert (bass), and Nathan Cumber (drums), opened for Somos and Free Throw at Sneaky Dee’s on September 23rd, 2016.

Their sound is unique, a touch of alternative mixed with emo and poppunk. Having recently released their debut EP “As We Both Close in on the Water”, Romancer opened for Somos with some great jams. Although I would have enjoyed some breakdowns throughout the set instead of just at the end, their entire set was amazing and the members were full of lots of energy.

Check out their Bandcamp, here and follow them on Twitter, here.

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Review & Photos by: Blaire Norton





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