Concert Review: SWMRS @ Smiling Buddha | 06.22.16.

I recently had the pleasure of seeing SWMRS, Goodbye Honolulu and Tomahawk Love play at the Smiling Buddha. It was a good show. Lots of sweat, screaming and a pretty crazy crowd. If you go to a show and don’t leave covered in sweat, were you really even there?


The answer is: probably not. Especially if the lineup is filled with local Rock’n’Roll band Goodbye Honolulu and headlined by Punk Rock band SWMRS. For me, it was a win/win situation; see one of my favourite local bands and check out a band I had been slowly getting into! Of course by now, multiple songs by the four-piece Californian band have made it onto my Summer 16′ playlist.


The energy at the show was amazing. Oakland, California-based band, SWMRS is made up of brothers’ Cole (vocals/rhythm guitar) and Max Becker (vocals/guitar), Joey Armstrong (drums), and Seb Mueller (bass). Playing songs off of the new album Drive North (2016), as well as songs from their EP Miley/Uncool (2015). All about having a good time and rocking out with people who enjoy the same music; the band rocked off of the energy radiating from the crowd.


Rocking a long yet narrow stage, the space in front of the stage having quickly filled between Tomahawk Love‘s set and SWMRS, the atmosphere at Smiling Buddha was hot and sticky. The crowd was a mixture of local band members who usually come out to support other local bands, and teenagers ready to enjoy some good rock and roll. By the end of Goodbye Honolulu’s set, moving from one side of the crowd to the other was almost impossible. I’ve had promoters tell me that having all ages shows can be a gamble because it’s hard to tell how many people will show up to a show. For the SWMRS/Goodbye Honolulu/Tomahawk Love show, it was the right call. The show was sold out and for good reason. A mix of rock and roll bands that were both local and from another place, drew multiple crowds of people.


If you ever have the chance to see any of the bands mentioned in this article, I highly suggest that you do! Check out the bands social media here, here & here for more information on album releases and shows.

Article & Photos by Blaire Norton


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