Album Review: “Celebrate” by Tiny Moving Parts

Rate: 9/10

For Fans Of: Jeff Rosenstock, Modern Baseball, PUP, Algernon Cadwallader, Midwest Penpals

Suggested Tracks: Happy Birthday, Common Cold, Minnesota

Midwest, emo-revival,math-rock band Tiny Moving Parts are back with their 3rd full length titled Celebrate. Tiny Moving Parts are a self-described “family band” from Benson, Minnesota comprised of vocalist and guitarist Dylan Mattheisen and his cousins Matthew and William Chevalier on bass and drums respectively. Their 3rd full length effortlessly blends pop-punk and math-rock with an urgency that I felt was lacking in their 2nd full length Pleasant Living. The Opening track “Good Enough” showcases Dylan’s jaw dropping ability to tap notes while shouting ‘Nothings ever good enough!’ Coping with dwindling self-esteem is a theme prevalent on this record, tracks like “Happy Birthday” where Dylan sings, ‘I wish I had the guts to get over it’ and later admits to that while not knowing where he is while stoned he is at least, ‘satisfied with life.’

Album signed by Dylan Mattheisen

“Birdhouse”, the 3rd song starts of with my favourite guitar riff in their discography and is a personal favourite from the album. The ending showcases how the bands talent behind their respective instruments can create an atmosphere for Dylan’s storytelling. His narration of saying goodbye goes from a soft whisper accented by twinkly guitar notes to a thrashing growl of emotional relief underscored by thunderous drums and bass.


Released as the first song to showcase what fans could look forward to on the new album, “Headache” is a reminder of how hard hitting the band gets to reworking the emo genre. With the gut-wrenching, raw voice of Dylan and Matthew, “Common Cold” is an anthem for anyone crippled with anxiety. Lyrics including ‘being claustrophobic never felt so selfish’ is for anyone who has ever dealt with the feelings of not wanting to be around people. From the hard hitting vocal delivery that reverts quickly to the softness of Dylan’s voice to kindly repeat ‘I don’t believe in anything’, we reminisce in the narratives of emotional turmoil that brought us towards Tiny Moving Parts in the first place. For me  Celebrate is one of those records on rotation for occasions where it feels like my back is against the wall and its me versus the world and if you care about this genre at all, I feel like it would be for you too.

Co-Written by: Blaire Norton and Raf Santos


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