5 Songs To Listen To This Summer

With the Summer of 2016 right around the corner, here are my top 5 songs to listen to in preparation! Genres ranging from pop and indie to pop punk and alternative.

The_Summer_Set_Legendary_Album_ArtworkIf you grew up in the 2000s, there is a good chance that you’ve watched How I Met Your Mother and let’s be real here, we can all relate to some of those episodes in one way or another. In the words of Barney Stinson, this summer is going to be LEGEN-wait for it-DARY. And with the help of this song, you’ll be off to a great start as well as reminiscing on the past. Start your summer off right with Legendary by The Summer Set


Need a song to just jam to no matter where you are or where you are going? Having a backyard rock session? Want to blast good music and possibly make your neighbours mad? This song is exactly what you need! Some teens might even consider it a good summer anthem. We don’t condone underage drinking on this site but we do love some good music. Get your groove on with Cheap Beer by FIDLAR and do what you want.


Do you ever just listen to a song and automatically fall in love with the artist at the same time? No? Well I know that I do and this happened to be one of those cases. I’m not going to lie, I rarely listen to classic rock but while creating a playlist of new music for a friend to listen to, I came across The Strokes and instantly fell in love. It just seems fitting that the song I choose is for the Summer Playlist is the first song I listened to, Someday. If you haven’t enjoyed their friendly tunes, you, my friend are truly missing out!


If you don’t know the words to at least one Taylor Swift song, you’re not truly living. She’s gone from country to pop faster than anyone can tell, always having hit singles out. It’s difficult to get through a summer without hearing the same song play on just about every radio station, so if you have somehow managed to dodge her music, please let me in on your secrets. If not, then you won’t be surprised when you hear Bad Blood play through your speakers. Summer just isn’t the same without a T’Swizzle song stuck in your head for days on end!

chainsmokers-dont-let-me-down.jpgEver find yourself overly enjoying a beat? Loving an upbeat melody? Need a catchy chorus and some good tunes to hum daily? This is for you! I’ve been into The Chainsmokers since last summer when I listened to Roses on repeat so naturally it would make sense that they have made my top 5 songs this year. Their beats are sick and they’ve paired with Daya for a sweet mix of electronic melodic contrasts. So, check out Don’t Let Me Down for a good time!

These are my Top 5 Songs for Summer 2016 and I know that I’ll definitely be jamming to our playlist all Summer long! Have a song you want us to check out? Leave it in the comment section below.

Check out the full playlist on the WhatWeListenTo Spotify here.

Written by Blaire Norton


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