STORIES FOR MONDAY TOUR | Toronto | 05.31.16.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the STORIES FOR MONDAY tour brought to Toronto by The Summer Set with supporting acts: Handsome Ghost, Royal Teeth and Call Me Karizma.

I have been a fan of The Summer Set since around 2012, when I began listening to Everything’s Fine on repeat. In 2013, I saw them at the Vans Warped Tour in Toronto and instantly fell in love. Since then, I have followed their music and fallen in love with both of the albums: Legendary and Stories for MondayOne thing that makes this band stick out and appeal to others in that their drummer is a girl named Jess Bowen; in the pop punk genre, it is uncommon for male fronted bands to have female drummers so I know that a lot of people look at her as an important role model.

Call Me Karizma

Honestly, I loved all of the artists on this tour. Call Me Karizma is an alternative/rap artist from Minnesota. Although his music is classified as rap/hip hop or alternative, I would consider it spoken word because of how he talks within the music. The vibe that he gives off throughout his set is awesome! He knows that a lot of the people in the crowd are not there for his set but he makes sure that those people know how thankful he is for them to come early. All of his songs hold deep meanings including F U Till I F UReal Friend and Love Me Right. Check out of the songs on his album ‘Uninvited’ here. If you like following a motto of living how you want to live, listening to the words that Karizma has to share is definitely worth it.

Gary Larsen of Royal Teeth

Following was Royal Teeth is a six-piece indie pop group from Louisiana. With a number of musicians who can play multiple instruments, this band plays an electric set. Instrumentation includes: vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums and percussion; bringing a unique sound to the music. I really liked that there was not necessarily a lead vocalist, as there were 2; Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson. The percussion was interesting as Larsen plays a drum in the centre of the stage and Patterson plays the tambourine. One of my favourite parts of concerts is when the bands play new songs during their set. I had the pleasure of enjoying ‘Kids Conspire‘ during their set. The free nature of Royal Teeth’s music is the kind of music that I would listen to on an adventure around the city! The upbeat tempo and melodic voices raise me to want to dance around my bedroom. Definitely something to listen to.

Josh Montgomery of The Summer Set

A four piece indie-prom band from Vermont, Handsome Ghost is a musical act for anyone. With their growing sound ultimately giving energy to the crowd, if you have the chance to see them, do it! It’s not everyday that bands include 2 key boards, a guitarist/vocalist and a drummer. The sounds of the nice harmonies shared between the lead vocalist and the two backup vocalists on keys move listeners into a magical space. If the audience didn’t know them before the set, the sure did afterwards. The band released an EP in 2015 called ‘Steps’ which includes six songs that radiate with their unique sound. Tracks to check out include: We Won’t SleepSteps and Weight of it AllHandsome Ghost has been releasing more music recently including singles Graduate and Eyes Wide, which are definitely worth checking out!

Photos & Write Up by Blaire Norton


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