Album Review: “Self Titled” By Camp Cope


Georgia Maq is an acoustic act that I have been following for quite a bit. Ever since I stumbled upon her cover of Wil Wagner’s song “Laika”, I’ve been hooked on her confessional songwriting that has a type of honesty that grabs you and refuses to let go. When I found out she was forming a 3 piece band I was ecstatic and ordered the record from Australia. With references to Tigers Jaw and Tinder, this album blends themes like angst, anxiety, loss and love together effortlessly. The 8 songs are all very personal narratives that will no doubt draw comparisons to bands like Chumped, Cayetana and fellow Melbourne band, The Smith Street Band.

The album starts with “Done” and lets the listener know that this is a very personal album with lyrics like “And I’m surrounded by loneliness, and you said something along the lines of ‘I love you’ and I probably took it the wrong way.” The 2nd song “Flesh and Electricity” is one of three reworkings of earlier acoustic songs. This album has one of my favourite lyrics ever being, “The 2 dimensional happiness from when you live your life through a camera lens”. Track 3 entitled, “West Side Story” is heartbreaking track that builds from powerful, yet soft vocals to guttural gang vocals towards the end finishing with “I don’t want to see you for a couple of years but yours is a funeral I’d fly to from anywhere.”

The next song “Lost (season one)” showcases Maq’s witty lyrics with lines like, “I know you’re out feeling everything and I’m in bed watching season one of lost.” Similar to fellow Melbourne singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett she is able to exert poetry in everyday things. Every word uttered on “Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steal Beams” is amazing and I’m not gonna copy the whole song on here so just listen to it. Track 7 “Trepedation” shows some optimism breaking through in lines like “the dark days are over…” and “you don’t scare me anymore.” The 2nd to last song “Stove Lighter” is another one of Georgia’s relatable musings.

The album finishes with the crushing “Song For Charlie” the closing lines “you’ll be okay, at least tomorrow if not today.” is a comforting battle cry that gives me some form of catharsis with each listen. At the end of the day Camp Cope offer us an exceptional debut littered with introspective quips about day to day  life that many people will be able to relate to. This album is a 36 minute encapsulation of the human condition.

Rate: 9/10

For fans of: Modern Baseball, Cayetana, Chumped, The Smith Street Band, Jeff Rosenstock

Suggested Tracks: Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steal Beams, Stove Lighter, West Side Story

Written by Raf Santos


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